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dreaym's Journal

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8 November
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this is a very descriptive description about me. here you are learning so much informative information about me! you know, i always swear i'll write something interesting in these things "one of these days" but rarely do i ever get around to it, and it isn't like i could write anything about myself to compel you to read this.... not that i have reason to in the first place. blatant self-promotion!!! aaah... on crack.
adolesence mokushiroku, ain't afraid to die, alanis morissette, ancient rites, anime, baiser, baking, bemani, black, black lights, blood, bondage, brockslate, buses, cake decorating, calgamary, caviar, chains, cherries, chocolate sauce, chou kuseninarisou, classical music, couch raping, country musume, cradle of filth, cross country canada, crossdressers, dance dance revolution, ddrwpg, dead man on campus, dios, dir en grey, disney on ice, fangirls on crack, fishnet, flcl, flowers, gackt, gaz, glow sticks, gokudo-kun manyuuki, gothic farming, green tea, handcuffs, happy sun, hide, hime-chan no ribbon, himiko-den, hitomi, ice cream, insomnia, j-pop, j-rock, jack off jill, jam jam reggae, japan, jill of the jungle, jones soda, kabigon, karaoke, kareshi kanojo no jijyo, kenichi, kneuklid romance, kyo, lareine, london after midnight, magic knight rayearth, malice mizer, mario kart, marmalade boy, masa, minesweeper, mini moni, morning musume, mousse pocky, navigator black, night, niigaki risa, nintendo, no doubt, nudity, oblivion dust, oikawa mitsuhiro, old bus transfers, otohime mutsumi, pelvic thrusting, pineapples, plaid, pocky, pokémon snap, pvc, rain, raspberries, republica, rheas, roses, safety pins, sami planet, sex, sexual therapy, sezz, short shorts, shoujo kakumei utena, singing, soup of sexual desire, spikes, stalking, stealing adam's hat, strawberries, strawberry imac perfume, stripy legs, strobe lights, super mario rpg, sushi, sweet little 30's, sweet velvet, taking over adam's house, tea, team sexy, the sexy guy, the silver q, the sims, trance, tsuji nozomi, upaa, vanilla, western canada ddr conference, winnipeg, winnipeg transit, x japan, yasuda kei

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